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Cadets volunteer through the JROTC program at SHS.  The sign-up positions on our website and thru our emails and posts are for adults only.  Please help us support our cadets by volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunities

Click on the "Volunteer Instructions" link below to learn about a specific volunteer opportunity.





February 28th (Fri) - FR Baseball

2/28 Sign up Sheet


March 3rd (Tues) - JV & V Baseball
March 9th (Mon) - FR Baseball
March 10th (Tues)- FR Baseball
March 12th (Thur) - JV & V Baseball
March 13th (Fri) - FR Baseball
March 19th (Thur) - JV & V Baseball
March 20th (Fri) - JV Baseball
3/20 Sign up Sheet






Check back soon for Spring opportunites! 


MORE to Come!


Thanks to all the volunteers who helped to support All Booster & JROTC fund raisers throughout the year.  Your support is what funds our booster program, as well as the JROTC program.  The JROTC booster club will be able to use those funds to supply the JROTC cadets with nourishment during events, moral building supplies, program advancement equipment and much more. JROTC program funds go to pay for competition cost, lodging and travel fees, these funds are seperate from booster funds. We are the biggest and best JROTC program in the state in no small part because of the volunteers.  We are such a big program, with a lot of kids, it takes the support of all the parents to keep it funded.  That is why these fundraisers are so important. Some fundraisers are to fund our Booster program and some fund JROTC directly, but to assist the JROTC instructors we help them organize parent volunteers for their funraisers. Please try to make time to give back to the program that gives so much to our kids. Show your support to our instructors and the program that does so much for our future generation.  Thank you

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." (Winston Churchill)



***Parent Participation Is Greatly Needed ***


What's New

Next Booster Club Meeting:

March 17th, 2020 at 6:30pm


Location: SHS Cafeteria

Important Dates


February 24th- Baseball game

February 28th- Baseball game



March 3rd- Baseball game

March 9th- Baseball game

March 10th or 17th-Booster meeting

March 10th- Baseball game

March 12th- Baseball game

March 13th Baseball game

March 19th- Baseball game

March 20th- Baseball game

March 21st- Baseball game

March 23rd- Baseball game

March 24th- Baseball game

March 25th- Baseball game

March 28th- Baseball game



April 2nd- Baseball game

April 4th- Baseball game

April 7th- Baseball game

April 10th- Baseball game

April 11th - Booster Car Wash

April 13th- Baseball game

April 16th- Baseball game

April 17th- Org Day

April 18th - JROTC Booster Yard Sale


Where to Find Us:

Sparkman High School JROTC
2616 Jeff Road NW
Harvest, AL 35749

Phone: (256) 837-0331



Help Us Brag:

Please email pictures of our cadets with the name of the event, place of event, and the date of the event to the Booster Club email so that we are able to keep our website updated with the latest on our events and competitions.  (Note: not all pictures sent in will be uploaded to the website)

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