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Some JROTC Ball details. The JROTC Military Ball is and honor and privilege for the SHS JROTC Cadets to attend and is a requirement for them to attend unless otherwise released from this requirement. Their JROTC fee at the beginning of the year paid for their ticket so no further payment is due. Parents of Seniors are invited and their tickets will need to be purchased $25 for each parents with a 2 parent max. Cadets who wish to bring a date who is not an SHS JROTC cadet must purchase a ticket for their date, also $25 for that ticket. Tickets should be purchased by 1/31. Below is the invite with the details. All male cadets are to wear their uniform but will wear a black bow tie. Cadets will need to provide the bow tie as this is not issued with their uniform. Female cadets will wear a ball dress that is floor length. There are specific guidelines for their dress as far as the do nots. It is recommended that female cadets bring a photo of the front and back of their dress to Sgt. Brown for approval. Some of the rules are that the dress cannot be strapless unless they have a covering on over their shoulders. Straps should be 3 fingers in width. If the have fine mesh above the bust line it should be mostly decorative and showing very little as sheer mesh will mean the dress is to be considered strapless and thus will need a cover. Dress rules also apply to female dates. Male dates who are not JROTC may wear either a suit and tie or a tuxedo. Any questions regarding dress should be directed to their instructors as they will make the final decision. The Ball is a JROTC program event and while boosters will try to help with questions, ultimately the cadet should be able to get questions answered thru their chain of command. This is an amazing event for them to attend and we are sure they will enjoy the evening!


Any JROTC event counts for volunteer hours when filling out scholarship paperwork.


Activities & Events


August 31st - JROTC Car Wash

October 25th - Cadet Social

November 11th - Veteran's Day Parade

December 17th - Holiday Party

January 18th- MLK Parade

January 29th- Awards Day

February 15th - JROTC Ball at the Jackson Center

April 11th- JROTC Booster Car Wash

April 17th- Org Day






Community Service Opportunites



**Note:  For Upcoming Competitions of Special Teams, click here.

What's New

Next Booster Club Meeting:

March 17th, 2020 at 6:30pm


Location: SHS Cafeteria

Important Dates


February 24th- Baseball game

February 28th- Baseball game



March 3rd- Baseball game

March 9th- Baseball game

March 10th or 17th-Booster meeting

March 10th- Baseball game

March 12th- Baseball game

March 13th Baseball game

March 19th- Baseball game

March 20th- Baseball game

March 21st- Baseball game

March 23rd- Baseball game

March 24th- Baseball game

March 25th- Baseball game

March 28th- Baseball game



April 2nd- Baseball game

April 4th- Baseball game

April 7th- Baseball game

April 10th- Baseball game

April 11th - Booster Car Wash

April 13th- Baseball game

April 16th- Baseball game

April 17th- Org Day

April 18th - JROTC Booster Yard Sale


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Phone: (256) 837-0331



Help Us Brag:

Please email pictures of our cadets with the name of the event, place of event, and the date of the event to the Booster Club email so that we are able to keep our website updated with the latest on our events and competitions.  (Note: not all pictures sent in will be uploaded to the website)

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