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JROTC Booster Club Officers

President  2020-2021

Latricia Stell






Co - President 2020-2021

Tonia Garner







Vice Presidet and Website Director 2020-2021

Rebel Judge



Secretary 2020-2021

Devra Williams

Treasurer 2020 - 2021

Latasha Watts







Membership Director 2020 -2021

Jennifer Kelly






Lyssa Barrow




Lynette Cardo



Officers Duties



Section 1. President

The President shall preside over all meetings of the general membership.  The President shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the club.  The President shall appoint members to fill vacancies in any office as necessary. The President shall represent the organization in an official capacity and as such, shall have powers of supervision and management over the affairs of the organization.  The President shall have the power to appoint committees and shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.   Be one of two officers who may jointly sign the purchase orders of the organization.


Section 2. Vice President

The Vice President shall, in the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President.  The Vice President shall serve as a sitting member of all committees and will perform other duties as prescribed by the President.  Be one of two officers who may jointly sign the purchase orders of the organization.


Section 3. Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings, and be responsible for maintaining all historical club records. Electronic copies of all reports will be kept on the Booster Club Google Drive for history purposes.  The Secretary shall handle correspondence including mailings/emailing to the general membership and other functions pertinent to the office as assigned by the President.  The Secretary will be responsible for maintaining an attendance sheet at all general meetings for the Booster Club Record, answering and forwarding all incoming email, updating all email contacts & contact lists. The Secretary shall be the primary keeper of records for the organization including, but not limited to: member contact information, (provided by Membership Director) volunteer records, (provided by Volunteer Director) and other correspondence as deemed necessary.  The Secretary will be responsible for preparing and giving meeting agendas and minutes to the Website Coordinator Director.  Be one of two officers who may jointly sign the purchase orders of the organization.


Section 4. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall act as custodian of all trusted funds entrusted to the JROTC Booster club. The Treasurer, prior to receipt and deposit, will document all monies collected by the organization.   This record will also be provided to the Secretary.  The Treasurer shall, by the next banking day, deposit the funds in accordance with Madison County Board of Education policy.  Examples of authorized and allowable expenditures include:

  • Regular and routine Club expenses, which have been approved by the general membership in the Club’s annual budget.
  • Individual expenditures, not specified in the annual budget, in excess of $100.00 must have the authorization of two thirds membership present at the general membership meeting.  The Treasurer shall request Sparkman High School Administration to disburse funds only when properly authorized by a quorum of the general membership. Individual expenditures, specified in the annual budget, up to $100.00 must have authorization of two thirds Booster Board Members present at presenting Board Meeting.

The Treasurer shall prepare a budget for the Booster Club to include, but not limited to, next year budget goals, income and expenditures.   The Treasurer shall present the annual budget to the Booster Club general membership for approval at the September Booster Club meeting.  The Treasurer shall report the financial status of the JROTC Booster Club at each meeting that includes the approved budget, receipts, and actual expenditures as of that month.  Written documentation will be provided to the Secretary and Website Director not less than 7 days prior to the monthly meeting so that the budget report can be posted to the JROTC website along with the agenda.  The Treasurer will make copies of the financial report available to any current Booster Club member upon request. Be one of two officers who may jointly sign the purchase orders of the organization.


Section 5. Website Director

The Website Director shall maintain the Booster website, and be responsible for uploading information to the website, including Booster membership forms, upcoming Booster meeting dates and times, Booster agendas and minutes, drill team paperwork for hosted drill competitions, cadet forms, pictures, logos, etc.  The Website Director shall keep the website current and updated as much as possible in terms of information, including a calendar with dates of functions and links for volunteers to sign up to help at fundraisers and events. Be one of two officers who may jointly sign the purchase orders of the organization.


Section 6. Membership Director

The Membership Director shall Chair the Membership Committee, and be responsible for planning and execute 8 booster meetings each school year, mentor new members and educate all members, keeping them up to date on all membership duties, and keep Booster Membership Forms and Booster Membership Directory up to date. Membership is responsible to host booths at SHS & S9 Welcome Back to school functions. Membership Director will update Web Director with current Membership forms and current year Membership Directory. Be one of two officers who may jointly sign the purchase orders of the organization.


Section 7. Volunteer Director

The Volunteer Director shall Chair the Volunteer Committee, and be responsible for coordinating ALL Adult Volunteers for ALL Booster & JROTC functions and Fund Raisers to include but not limited to Football Parking Details, Stadium Clean up details, Baseball concession and gate workers, Basketball concession and gate workers, car washes, Parades, Org Day, and Chaperones.  Volunteer Committee will have one committee member present at every volunteer event to administer signing in and out of volunteer time, track all volunteer work hours on spreadsheet, assign volunteers where needed and keep the Board updated on those hours worked. Volunteer Director will keep all Volunteer Sign-Up opportunities current on the site and give the link to the Web Director to be place on the Booster Website. Be one of two officers who may jointly sign the purchase orders of the organization.


Section 8. Fundraising Director

The Fundraising Director shall Chair the Fundraising Committee, and be responsible for coordinating all fundraising events for the JROTC Booster Club and have one Committee Member present at every fundraising event. Fund Raisers are limited to four (4) per school year and must be approved by the Board of Directors & SHS. Fundraising Director will be responsible to get all monies collected to the Booster Treasurer within 24 hours of collection for deposit into our school account and will also work closely with the Volunteer Director on volunteers needed to fulfill events, and Web Director for advertising of each event. Be one of two officers who may jointly sign the purchase orders of the organization.


Section 9. Hospitality Director

The Hospitality Director shall Chair the Hospitality Committee, and be responsible for planning and executing all hospitality events for the JROTC Booster Club and the JROTC Program. To include but not limited to hosting at least 2 Booster Club Meetings per year the August Meet & Greet and the December Holiday Social Meeting that will include a mix and mingle activity. The Hospitality Committee is charged with welcoming new members, hosting and coordinating hospitality rooms at the JROTC Awards Day event and the JROTC Hosted Drill Competition. The Hospitality Committee will also be charged with assisting JROTC Instructors with any requested activities, like teaching dining etiquette and waltz in preparation for the Military Ball. Be one of two officers who may jointly sign the purchase orders of the organization.

What's New

Next Booster Club Meeting:


Important Dates



August 17th - Sophomore Orientation

August 18th - Freshman 101

August 19th - First Day of School


Where to Find Us:

Sparkman High School JROTC
2616 Jeff Road NW
Harvest, AL 35749

Phone: (256) 837-0331



Help Us Brag:

Please email pictures of our cadets with the name of the event, place of event, and the date of the event to the Booster Club email so that we are able to keep our website updated with the latest on our events and competitions.  (Note: not all pictures sent in will be uploaded to the website)

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